Lovino Varges // South Italy [Accepted]

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Lovino Varges // South Italy [Accepted] Empty Lovino Varges // South Italy [Accepted]

Post by Lovino Varges on Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:12 am

♦Lovino Vargas♦ Lovino Varges // South Italy [Accepted] 213jkw0

The Basics
Character Name
Lovino Vargas
Repubblica Italiana
(near) Naples, Italy
pickpocket, petty thief and whatever he can get

In Depth
Physical Description
Slim, wiry and of medium height Lovino is built perfectly for his profession, and he definitely isn’t built for a fight. With hazel colored eyes and an olive complexion Lovino would be quite handsome if it wasn’t for his perpetual scowl. He has dark brown hair that he doesn’t bother to cut very often so it falls into his eyes and one piece sticks out stubbornly no matter what he does. When he can he has a tendency to dress up and indication of his former station as a young lord, but lately he’s been reduced to commoners clothing and shoddy ones at that, which is almost better for him because it makes him rather nondescript, except for the Ts (for thief) that are carved into his palms after an unfortunate run-in with a trading company. He also has a tendency to wear an intricate cross around his neck no matter what he’s wearing.
Lovino can easily be described in one word and that is angry. Either due to his upbringing or the circumstances that brought him to this desert he’s in a perpetually bad mood. However, this doesn’t mean he is surly enough to be quiet, in fact he is quite the opposite and his loudmouth tends to get him into trouble. Which is not fine by him as he’d much rather be hunkered down with a bottle of wine somewhere than trying to fight, even if he is rather good with a gun or a sword in a pinch.
On the flip side Lovino can be rather lonely and melancholic, due to his bad attitude people naturally assume that he would rather be left alone. But what he really wants is companionship like the kind he used to have with his little brother before their falling out. The truth is between being spoiled and boarding school he never really learned to take care of himself and would really like to find someone to protect him indefinitely.

Born in a small town near the gulf of Naples the Italian countryside was where Lovino spent his formative years. Born in an affluent family to an apathetic mother and absent merchant father the only people who seemed to care for Lovino were his younger brother and his Grandfather, a local wine maker. Running wild with his brother amongst the grape vines this is when Lovino was at his most happy. He was perfectly content to grow up and inherit the vineyard and winery as his Grandfather had always promised. Until his Grandfather died unexpectedly, with no official heir down on paper the winery was sold and with it Lovino’s dreams.
After this is when Lovino began to act out, he fell in with a bad crowd and began to pick up his pickpocketing skills and learning to be a thief. Alarmed at his sons behavior his Father shipped him off to boarding school in London. Here Lovino’s less than savory skills thrived as he had access to a big city, and plenty of other boys, to practice on. He eventually was kicked out of boarding school and would spend the next few years being bounced from place to place as his family desperately tried to get him to straighten up. Though he never stayed in one place for long he did learn several languages and picked up the art of fencing, something that would serve him well in later years. Eventually his Father gave up on boarding school and decided to offer him a place in his trading company in India.
For a while this worked for Lovino but old habits die hard and Lovino found his sticky fingers couldn’t be contained. Eventually he was caught stealing from the coffers of the company and his father,washing his hands of him, let him be tried for the crime. This is where Lovino earned the Ts that are carved into his hands. Humiliated and disenfranchised Lovino would eventually gets out of jail,and despite his propensity to get air sick, hopped the first airship going anywhere, which brought him to Aldmoor.
Important Information
Due to going on hunts with his Grandfather and fencing lessons in school Lovino is good with a gun or a sword, but would rather run away from a fight.Hands Down.
Fluently speaks Italian and English and has passible French, he also learned Latin in school which is something he likes to drunkenly brag about.
Can cook like nobody’s business.
Gets extremely airsick.

Good food- There is nothing like ending a long day with something good and steamy, when Lovino needs comfort he turns to food.
Pretty women ( or handsome men)- Despite his surly ways he can still flirt like any good Italian.
Wine and cigarettes- When he can steal them nicotine and alcohol are his number one vices.
The smell of the sea early in the morning- What he misses about Naples the most is its proximity to the Gulf of Naples. Lovino adores beaches, but has never learned to swim.
Churches- Despite being a not very devout Catholic, which he feels guilty about, there is just something calming about them to him.
You, and everything about you- It’s the truth Lovino distrusts most people to the level of extreme dislike on sight
Boarding schools-Spend over half your life sequestered and you’d hate them too.
Happy Families-He can’t abide by being reminded of the life he lost due to his own stupidity.
Lawmen- Oh Mamma (Mia), he’s in fear for his life from the long arm of the law.
Pets- Dogs and cats don’t like him so he doesn’t like them either.

For the umpteenth time that day Lovino leaned over the side of the airship and wretched. He lingers for a moment staring into the glittering sands before he collapses back to the deck. The sweltering sun beats down on his face but he can’t be bothered to care with the way his stomach is feeling. The heat and the dusts are definitely not helping, but he guesses that that’s what he gets for relocating to the fucking desert. All he wants is off of this goddamned airship, but the captain tells him it will be another day before they dock in Aldmoor proper.
Lovino isn’t even sure why he feels like Aldmoor is his last chance at a new life. He takes a few deep breaths and heaves himself to his feet, if he’s going to be miserable he might as well be able to see where he’s going.

Out of Character
Time Zone
I have a skype just ask me for it!
Anything Else?
I like cookies and cream ice cream!

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Lovino Varges // South Italy [Accepted] Empty Re: Lovino Varges // South Italy [Accepted]

Post by Gilbert Weilschmidt on Sat Nov 05, 2011 12:32 pm

Very nice. You are accepted!

Feel free to change you username, post an intro/start role playing. c:
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