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Roderich Edelstein // Austria [Dropped] Empty Roderich Edelstein // Austria [Dropped]

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Roderich Edelstein // Austria [Dropped] 49521211

The Basics
Character Name
Roderich Edelstein
26 ((I talked with Vash about this, he said he was okay with whatever age I make him))
The Republic of Austria // Republik Österreich (although in the late 1800s, after the Austro-Prussian war, it would have been known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire)
Vienna, Austria
He works as an unlicensed back alley doctor. Funded by Aldmoor's underworld. Those who seek him out are usually criminals, such as pirates and smugglers, who wish to keep quiet on the story behind their wounds or those who can't afford to go to a proper doctor, as they tend to charge a fortune for treatment.

In Depth
Physical Description
Roderich is a little short for a male his age, as he had inherited his mother's soft and delicate features, as well as her height. His eyes, an unusual violet, are kept hidden behind a pair of rectangular spectacles. His dark brown hair is an uncontrollable mess in the morning, so he styles it whenever he goes out to achieve a more professional and dignified look, but an idle strand always sticks out defiantly, despite his best efforts to flatten it down. He has a scar on the side of his abdomen from when he was stabbed. He isn't very strong or muscular, although a skilled swordsman and pretty decent with a gun, he is absolutely useless without either of them and wouldn't last five seconds in a bare handed fight. For what he lacks in muscle, he makes up for by always looking presentable and well-groomed in public, living up to the appearance of the aristocrat he had once been.

Roderich tends to come off as a stuck up, snooty aristocrat, but his behaviour stems from a time when he had indeed led the elegant life of a noble, surrounded by the frills and luxuries given to him by his parents to make up for the fact that they weren't around a lot. This time had long since passed, but Roderich found it hard to shake off his old habits.

In short, Roderich can be described as a young master with a rather large sweet tooth and a penchant for music. Having discovered his love for music at the tender age of seven, he sometimes go to town pubs to entertain the patrons with his piano playing. When he's not busy he can become rather lazy, frequently spending his spare time lazing around, enjoying the cakes and sweets he had bought from the town bakery. However, the frugal part of him tries to avoid impulsively spending money on his wants rather than his needs, cakes or not.

Roderich tries his best to come off as calm and cool, and is overall a well-mannered, polite young man. As a doctor, he is generally respected by the community. However, he is easily irritated and can be quite rude and disrespectful towards whomever pesters him. He isn't fond of intimate contact with strangers and gets easily flustered when people touch him or come too close to him. He also finds it hard to communicate with people on a personal level, his only real friends having been the two children from his childhood.

Roderich was born in Vienna, Austria, where he grew up as the third child of the Lord and Lady of the House of Edelstein. His parents never seemed to have enough time for him, and his brothers tended to ignore him whenever ever they could. Because of this, Roderich had a lot of time to himself. He spent most of his childhood playing and adventuring with two children from the surroudning neighbourhood, both of whom he had developed a strong bond with. Much to the shock and horror of his parents, he would come home covered in dirt, scraped and bruised with a bright smile on his face.

The Austrian often wondered what became of his playmates after he left to go to an elite boarding school. It was there he learnt of elitism, class and the divisions in society, picking up the mannerisms of an aristocrat. Gone was the child who wanted nothing more than to eat cake, play the piano and explore with his friends, replaced with a young man struggling to surpass his brothers and live up to the expectations of his father and those around him.

As he grew older, Roderich started taking interest in medicine. He later attended a medical college in the US, but in the end, never actually got to complete his education. His parents pushed him into an engagement with a lovely young lady from another prestigious family. The Austrian should have known this would happen, his brothers were already married and his mother had been pestering him about it for some time now. A week after the wedding, with his wife sleeping soudly in their bed, Roderich left the mansion in the dead of night, turning his back on everything he knew to start a new life elsewhere. It had been a cowardly move, he was aware of that, one that would most likely cost his family their repuation, but nevertheless Roderich found himself in the flourishing town of Aldmoor.

Upon setting foot in the port town, his aristocratic appearance caused him to become a target for thieves. The Austrian was dragged into an alley, where he was beaten up and robbed of any valuables. It seemed that that hadn't been enough though, for one of his antagonizers had pulled out a knife in the middle of their 'game', as they had called it. A passerby found him broken and bleeding. They took him to a back alley doctor, where he was quickly given treatment. "The knife had not pierced any of your vital organs, consider yourself lucky." The doctor, a kind woman with a powerful air around her, offered him a place to stay after hearing what he had to say.

In return, Roderich had to cook and clean for her, sometimes he would help her whenever there were too many patients for a single doctor to handle alone. In his spare time, he would read the medical books she owned, not wanting to let the things he had learnt in the US to go to waste. They lived together for about a year, until one day the doctor went out to collect supplies and was never seen again. But the injured kept on pouring into her office, looking for treatment, despite the fact that she was gone. Roderich, unable to refuse them, decided to finish what she had started and rose up to the position of a back alley doctor, growing more experienced with every passing year.

Important Information
  • Fluent in English, German and Hungarian.
  • Uncomfortable around large bodies of water and terrified of sea creatures. Because of this, he doesn't know how to swim.
  • He is a skilled swordsman and pretty decent with a gun. Carries a pistol everywhere he goes so that he is able to defend himself. However, as he isn't very physically strong, he wouldn't last long in a fight without a gun or sword in hand.
  • He learned how to ride horses at an early age as equestrian skills were considered necessary for any gentleman.
  • Gets just slightly paranoid and tries to avoid going out alone after nightfall. Also wary of alleyways.
  • An ex-smoker. Had started out with social smoking, but it quickly grew into a bad habit. He quit after receiving many complaints from the doctor. Nowadays, he's careful and only smokes the occasional cigarette when he's particularly stressed.

  • Cakes and sweets; He has a large sweet tooth and acquires them from the town bakery, as he doesn't have the time nor the equipment to make his own.
  • Music; He is a talented musician and had once dreamt of composing his own music.
  • Dancing; He is familiar with several forms of ballroom dancing and enjoys the occasional dance.
  • Reading; Who doesn't like losing themselves in someone else's world and forgetting about their own problems?
  • Alcohol and coffee; He enjoys the occasional drink, if not alcohol then he certainly has a taste for coffee - preferably from his home country.

  • Chaos.
  • Sea creatures and large bodies of water.
  • Wasting food or money.
  • The one hair that sticks out, especially when it's being pulled.
  • Taking off his glasses, he believes he looks plain without them.
  • Feeling helpless, not being able to do anything.
  • Smoking, he hates having to smoke to relieve stress.

Roleplay Sample
((This is from a Gakuen roleplay, but please ask if you want an original one.))

As the car screeched to a halt Roderich threw his door open, not even waiting for it to stop completely before stumbling out of the car and trying to put as much distance between them as possible. His driver snickered, earning an accusing glare from the Austrian, "Roberto..." He took a shaky breath, "Have you gone mad?! I find it extremely hard to believe that anyone would let you near a car, let alone look at one, especially when you drive like that!"

The Italian grinned cheekily in response, "Ahh, but Signor Edelstein, you said to 'step on it'. I simply did as you asked!" He gestured towards the open door, still smiling cheekily, "Didn't you say you were late for school? I suggest you get in the car, Signor Edelstein. I promise I'll go slower this time." Roderich looked at his driver as if he had just sprouted a second head and backed further away from the car, "I'll walk."

Roberto raised an eyebrow, his lips forming a worried frown as he pressed down lightly on the gas pedal to follow Roderich, who had already started walking towards where he believed the school was, "Signor Edelstein, I don't believe that is such a good idea." Roderich sighed, but kept on walking, "And why would you say that?"

Another grin crept up the Italian's face. "Remember what happened last time?" The Austrian paused and looked back at him, eyeing his driver warily as he pondered on which option was the best. He recalled what had happened back home when he had insisted on going to the bakery alone and shivered. As much as he hated to admit it, Roberto had a point. To say that the experience had been unpleasant would be an understatement and he'd rather not have to go through it again. The young master made his decision and reluctantly got into the car, clutching tightly to the armrest, his knuckles turning white beneath the soft material of his gloves as he slowly shook head, "I'll never understand why my parents hired you, Roberto."

The Italian man let out boisterous laugh, "Nor will I."

Out of Character
Cocoa, embarassing variations of Roderich/Austria will do just fine though <3
Time Zone
GMT + 8
Email: Or PM me if you want, I don't mind!
Anything Else?
Imagine my surprise when I read that Austria's smoking rates were among the world's highest!

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This looks fantastic! You are definitely accepted, love.

Oh, the Austrians, with their smoking and coffee drinking and alcohol. They're kinda badass.
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