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Steps into the Past [Hetalia AU] Empty Steps into the Past [Hetalia AU]

Post by Romaadmi on Wed Jun 22, 2011 9:39 pm

Steps into the Past [Hetalia AU] Thingy
Once upon a time, before countries existed in Great Europa and beyond, there was a army and a kingdom. While in different areas, it's debated if the army and kingdom were good and kind, or ruthless and cruel. However this army controlled the whole world, with their flawless plans and the weapons they wielded. Magical weapons, that were said to be the best ever crafted.

However, one day this Army vanished.

In it's stead, nations, countries, and empires, came into being. Many fought for the title and the power. The weapons of the ancients were used frequently. The only empire who grew close enough to the top, before failing, was the great Roman Empire.

Today, those Empires, and once great countries have been sedated. These people are now the nations and countries as the new way of the world. The Americas, once thought to be a myth, have joined the fray of Great Europa. Magic, the main component in this world, is used in many different ways. Many people have come to rely strictly on magic.

Magi-Technology, Rune-Magic, Body-Magic...everyone has something going for them. However the world is growing. And the itch for the new army is rising again. Small skirmishes have been growing. Many countries are once again, using the few legendary items that were left behind from the Great Army long ago. With the growing number of nations and political strife, nations are calling claim to what they can before everything breaks loose.

War is being whispered, and many people are clamoring for alliances that would give them a edge. The brand new Technology, and the Magi-Technology, everyone wants more. Fighting tooth and nail is how everything will start, but it's up to you for how it ends.

There have been fights, many people are dying, and no one knows what will happen when the spark finally ignites. Will it be the end of the world? Or will a nation come out on top? Many people have tried to create and form the Great Army and failed. Will someone succeed this time? Can anyone rule this broken world?


Steps into the past is a Hetalia human-based-magic using AU. The nations are leaders of their country. We are a brand new rp site, with a 200 word count, and a easy application. Many characters are open, and we allow OC's.




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